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    To know Miffy is to love Miffy. The Miffy character (in Holland known as Nijntje) was created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna while telling his one year old son stories about a little bunny he had seen while on holiday. What started out as a simple picture book, Miffy’s distinctive design has grown into an international brand of children’s merchandise, including these designer lamps.

    Miffy is more than a children's lamp, it's a new friend... Even if you are not familiar with this adorable child’s character from Holland, you will want to invite her into your home to light up your life. This dimmable LED lamp provides a warm and serene glow - ideal for story telling to your little ones. Or can be used as décor piece in any contemporary interior space.

    Type: LED lamp

    Includes: US Plug. Remote control with ON/OFF, Dimmer, Wake Up and Sleeper functionality.

    Materials: Polyethylene
    Color: White
    Weight: 5 kg/11.0 lbs.
    L 16" x W 16" x H 31"
    From: Designed and made in Holland