Mr Maria is a Dutch design studio from Amsterdam. The studio was founded by Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker. Mr Maria is a brand with a playful artistic character. Rather than a clear-cut philosophy the designers have an open-minded view that translates into concept and form. Mr Maria aims to create eye-catching products for children of all ages. Shaping clouds into pure, clean and warm creations is their main goal as designers.

The modernist Mr Maria collection features a cool range of kid and earth-friendly designer lamps. All lamps are LED powered, providing an energy efficient, long lasting and safe source of lighting for any kid’s decor. Mr Maria’s creations are made out of durable and recyclable Polyethylene. The lamps are equipped with a remote control, offering ON/OFF, dimmer, sleeper and wake up functionalities. The lamps provide a warm and serene glow - ideal for story telling to the little ones. Or can be used as décor piece in any contemporary interior space.


Mr Maria's new collection named 'Miffy and Friends' is an homage to illustrator and writer Dick Bruna and celebrates his work by bringing three of his characters to life; Snuffy the dog, Boris the bear and of course Miffy. Bruna's distinctive ability to engage a universal audience through powerful storytelling and minimalist design is reflected in the iconic design of this set of lovable characters. 

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Type: LED lamp Includes: US Plug. Remote control with ON/OFF, Dimmer, Wake Up and Sleeper functionality. Materials: Polyethylene  Color: White Weight: 3kg/6.6 lbs. Dimensions: L 14" x W 13" x H 24" From: Designed and made in Holland ...

LIA Heart
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Type: LED light with dimmer. US plug Materials: Polyethylene Color: White Weight: 2.7kg/5.9 lbs. Dimensions: L 17.5" x W 11.2" x H 16.5" From: Designed and made in Holland ...